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It is an exciting time to be involved in fisheries and steelhead politics in northwest British Columbia. Fisheries managers have promised major changes to how the fishery is prosecuted in the coming year and the NCSA wants to be there strong and well armed to keep them to their word. You can help us do this by joining or donating to our Alliance and we are embarking upon a new membership and donation drive what is trading binary options!

To this end we have joined forces with flyfishing photographer David Lambroughton to bring you this exciting offer:

For the next 50 people who join NCSA with a donation of $100 or more, we will send along the beautiful 2009 Flyfishing Dreams Calendar by David Lambroughton.

This means for your $100 you will receive a yearly membership to NCSA; receive our e-newsletter; and receive the glossy, high quality 2009 Flyfishing Dreams Calendar; and support grass roots proven effective lobbying efforts protect Skeena steelhead what is binary options trading.
Many thanks to photographer David Lambroughton for supporting the cause and for generously allowing NCSA to provide this offer to its members.
Membership renewals and regular Associate Membership comes with any donation over $20.00 to the NCSA.
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We have a new Blog!

Please check it out at Skeena Fisheries blog
It is intended to give faster, more up to date in-season information on Skeena fishery happenings and also has an interactive feature. Please leaves us your comments, feeling, or questions on any of the issues presented.

We also have a Newsletter!

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You can read all the latest news, take action to protect steelhead and join the NCSA, all online. Join us or donate and we will gladly upload a picture of your choice to our Supporters Gallery! We will also put a link to your site on our Links Page.

Our Mission

The North Coast Steelhead Alliance is committed to securing the escapement of wild steelhead in sufficient numbers to sustain healthy wild steelhead stocks and a robust sport fishery in northwestern British Columbia.

The NCSA is dedicated to working with all levels of government, industry, community and stakeholder groups to preserve and enhance Skeena wild steelhead – so that you and others will have the opportunity to fish for these amazing fish for many years to come.

The Skeena River Fishery

The Skeena River system, in northwestern British Columbia is home to world renowned wild steelhead & salmon. If you are an avid angler, you may already have heard of the thrill of sportfishing on the Skeena for the elusive steelhead. It is an experience not to be missed!

The Skeena is also the second largest British Columbia waterway for commercial salmon fishing, including sockeye, chinook, pink, coho and chum salmon. Historically, a commercial salmon gill net fishery is permitted at the mouth of the Skeena during the peak steelhead run between mid-July and mid-August.

As a mixed-stock river system, a balance must be struck to ensure first and foremost the protection of all species of fish, but also a fair balance of resources between commercial and sportfishing interests. Achieving this balance requires a shift to conservation based fisheries Management.

If you are interested in more information about the NCSA, wild steelhead, or steelhead sportfishing on the Skeena system, we look forward to hearing from you at the contact information below.